Future mobility solutions

AI17 seating demonstrator

Welcome to the era of connected and autonomous vehicles

We invite you to take a seat in our concept seating demonstrator AI17 and experience a new era of autonomous vehicles. AI17 showcases a complete seating concept for privately owned autonomous level 3-4 vehicles. We have created a compelling collection of adaptive, modular innovations designed to serve a wide range of vehicles. Each innovation is optimized to deliver safety, comfort, convenience and provide opportunity for differentiation by brand and product segment.
Innovative AI17 front seat in conversation mode

Consumer and interaction focused

As automated driving technology advances, the interior will become the focus for consumers. The seating system will influence and enable rich passenger experiences and interactions.

Adaptive seating

Adaptive seating rotates 15 degrees inward enabling conversations and ‘greets’ occupants while offering optimized comfort for relaxing commutes. All while minimizing environmental impact by maximizing space.
Innovative AI17 Front seat in greeting mode
AI-18 Preview

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